About Us

At CADD Bangla, we take pride in our team of Highly Skilled Instructors who bring not only theoretical expertise but also valuable Practical Experience to the classroom. Each of our trainers has a Rich Background in the industry, having worked extensively in various companies before joining us. This ensures that our students receive not only theoretical knowledge but also practical insights gained from real-world experiences. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to be Job-Oriented, focusing on practical skills that are directly applicable in the professional world. We offer courses in professional-level Architectural Planning, emphasizing creative and efficient land utilization. Our training covers the entire spectrum of Architectural and Structural Design, including the preparation of Approval Drawings for regulatory bodies like RAJUK, Pouroshova, City Corporation, and BEZA. Using industry standards such as BNBC, AISC, and ACI, we provide comprehensive training in Structural Design and Analysis for both RCC and Steel Buildings and Proper guide line for Site-Engineers also. Additionally, our courses include Creative Interior Design and 3D Visualization, enabling students to produce complete working drawings and detailed Estimations and Costings. At CADD Bangla, we Prioritize the Individual Needs of our students, offering personalized attention and support throughout their learning journey. Our students have full access to our Helpline, where they can seek assistance and guidance from our instructors at any time. Even after completing the course, our students receive Lifetime Support from us, ensuring that they continue to excel in their careers.