AutoCAD Courses

We Have 2 types of AutoCAD Courses

A) AutoCAD MASTER-COURSE (Basic + Advanced) (for Beginners).

B) AutoCAD Advanced-COURSE (for them, who knows Basic AutoCAD).

AutoCAD MASTER-COURSE Outline (Basic + Advance)

A) Basic Part (AutoCAD 2D & 3D Course) (for Beginners)

1. 08 Online Live Classes: Participate in interactive live classes via Google Meet.

2. Introduction to AutoCAD 2D: Get started with the basics of AutoCAD 2D.

3. Accurate 2D Drawings: Learn how to create precise and accurate 2D drawings.

4. Floor Plan Design: Design floor plans according to BNBC and Pouroshova standards.

5. Structural Drawings: Create detailed column, beam, and layout drawings with reinforcement details.

6. Introduction to AutoCAD 3D: Explore the fundamentals of AutoCAD 3D.

7. 3D Building Models: Learn to transform 2D plans into 3D building models.

8. Elevations & Cross Sections: Master the creation of elevations and cross sections.

B) Advanced Part (for them, who knows Basic AutoCAD)

1. 17 Online Live Classes: Participate in comprehensive live classes via Google Meet.

2. Architectural Plans & Building Floor Plans: Learn to create architectural plans and building floor plans according to BNBC and Pouroshova standards.

3. Master Plan & Regulatory Drawings: Master the creation of master plans, Pouroshova drawings, setback calculations, and FAR calculations as per BNBC, Pouroshova, Rajuk, and Bangladesh Imarat Nirman Bidhimala guidelines.

4. Complete Structural Drawings: Develop complete structural and working drawings for a 5-storied RCC building with pile foundation.

5. Detailed Elevations & Cross Sections: Learn to create detailed elevations and cross sections with structural details.

6. Full Regulatory Drawings: Prepare full Pouroshova and Rajuk drawings with all required arrangements on an ammonia paper sheet.

7. Practical Application: Practice with completed drawings of various building shapes and projects for hands-on experience.

C) Common Part

1. Free AutoCAD Software

2. 1100+ AutoCAD 2D floor plans for practice (including approval drawings, complete 5-storied building plans, mosque and special-shaped building plans, plumbing, and electrical plans).

3. Weekly Assignments

4. Monthly Exams

5. Completion Certificate

6. Job Oriented Curriculum

7. Lifetime Support


Weekly Classes: Monday & Friday, 9 PM

Access all Recorded Videos of live classes for review and practice.

Receive Solutions to any problems encountered after class in the dedicated WhatsApp Group.

Course Fees

AutoCAD MASTER-COURSE (Basic Advance)

Duration = 3 Months

Number of Classes = 25

Course Fee = 6,500/- 5,500/- BDT Only


Duration = 2 Month

Number of Classes = 16

Course Fee = 4,000/- 3,500/- BDT Only


a) This Discount will be applicable if you pay the full course fee in advance for any course. Don't miss the discount!

b) You can also pay the course fee in Installments. 50% of the fee should be paid in advance, and the remaining 50% should be paid before the 8th class. No discount will be applicable for the installment method.